Time and Life -Lyrics

 Slow Sun Wheeling (Wilkinson)

He looks back more than thirty years

Full of whiskey, full of fear and tears

And a thousand songs still buzzing round his head

Like a child’s faded book

He’s trying hard to take a look

Watch the Slow Sun Wheeling

‘Cross the sky out to the west

Watch the Slow Sun Wheeling

Take it in, get up; get dressed

Watch the Slow Sun Wheeling

See it rise and see it set

Watch the Slow Sun Wheeling

See it rise and see it set

Every page and chorus’ sweet refrain

Filled with joy and some, are filled with pain

Drift down like dust and settle in the pale sun’s rays

He shakes his head and sighs

But it’s come as no surprise


Smiling as he re-lives all those crazy nights

He knows inside he always picked the easy fight

Ambition was the horse that wouldn’t vault

His failures were always someone else’s fault



Looking back at more than thirty years

Full of whiskey, full of fear and tears


The High Lonesome (Smith/Wilkinson)

Well you reach out for the bottle

Like no one out there reaches out for you

And you drift on muddy waters

In and out my heart when I'm feeling blue

When I feel like I'm drowning

You're the one who gets me through

The high lonesome, the beautiful pain

The high lonesome, the beautiful pain

I'll always remember you that way

Out on that endless highway

Where your heart cracks like the road beneath your boots

There's a blazing sun on the skyline

And there ain't no place to hide in a rhinestone suit

You fed the dogs, now the dogs are feeding you


There were pills and there were heartaches

There were thrills and there were laughs along the way

But you finally found your limit

In a cinder-block motel east of LA


From Bakersfield to Memphis

When you play those cry-for-help songs along the miles

Where the writing's on the bottles

And in the platinum-blond waitress's painted smiles

You've got the substance, they only want the style




Psychedelic Sid (Conway)

I bought this old guitar when I was twenty three

I dropped it down the stairs one time

But it still sounds good to me.

I didn’t have much money, I couldn’t buy new strings

So I’d take the old ones off and boil ‘em

Ah you shoulda heard ‘em ring


So roll me up a story, Pour me out a dream

Sing me back to the good old days

So I remember how it feels.

Now the bones in my hands, they hurt me when I play

And my fingers, don’t move as fast as they did yesterday

But I got to keep on pickin’, long as I hold down a string

‘Cause at least I know I’m still alive

When I hear that guitar sing


Well, the barman’s called last orders

He’s flashed the lights again

It won’t be long before he comes to take my glass away

But I’m glad that I was with you

On this journey that we made

Now, I think there’s time for one more round

Before the Piper’s paid


Fill me up and raise your glass,

Drink a toast with me

Here’s to all the true believers

They’re the ones who hold the key

They’re the ones who hold the key


Orgreave (Smith)

Dead streets: 1984

All the big wheels shut down

Put you in your place, long queues serenade

The dying days of your old town

You went in hard, they went in harder

A whole way of life on the downslide

Hungry mouths to feed, nothing on the shelf

Only right on your side

You weren’t afraid to try

You never broke the line

All that mattered was the fight

You weren’t afraid to die

Just give us a future, you said,

Just wanna work till we’re dead

It’s a simple thing to need some pride

Makeshift barricades, summer died; winter came

No one ever wants to feel denied


Now your blood runs cold, your mind feels old

And your body’s on the line

You’ve got no one to save, there’s nothing left to say

But you’ve still got to live till you die


Hard Road (Wilkinson)

You take the hard road that’ll lead you straight to hell

I’ll take the long road and I’ll end up there as well

We’re not so different, just faces and a name

I’m not your enemy we’re playing the same game, and

I won’t take this any more

I won’t take this any more

You got what you want and what I want as well

You fly your colours and I’ll ring my bell

I took this shit from you as long as I can

Don’t expect to change me I’m not a changing man, and


I’ll have a listen if you’ve got things to say

Don’t expect my sympathy after how you made me pay

I learned my lesson I suffered for my crime

You’ve taken too much of my valuable time, and



Please Take my Broken Heart (Wilkinson)

In a bar watching time tick by I can feel it drag along

Put a coin in the juke box now I need to hear my favourite song

I remember all the reasons why it means so much to me

And I know that Merle must mean it

And I’m tortured by the words and melody

Please take my broken heart,

I don’t need it anymore

Take it away with you; pick the pieces from the floor

I’ve tried but it just won’t mend,

There’s nothing more that I can do

Please take my broken heart;

It might stand a chance with you

You were all I ever wanted,

In my eyes there was no wrong

Now here I sit with another drink,

Listening to some sad old songs

Though I ‘m feeling, every word he sings,

 I find it hard to sing along

The guitar strums and steel sings,

The honky-tonk reminders come on strong


The waitress stares across at me

The pity in her eyes cuts like a knife

And Haggard sings an old one

That echoes all the sorrow in my life


Shadows (Smith)

There’s a story that goes on and on but it’s seldom told

‘cause there ain’t no silver and there ain’t no gold

Just a body and a soul walking through fire

To keep out the cold

It shines so clear like the sun

When shadows are long they’re almost gone

But you play too fast to stay in time

In a world too big and a world too wide

Shadows are always falling      

So throw that bottle away

You think you stand tall but you’re crawling

One man’s luck is another man’s shame

Maybe I don’t know but the way that it seems

A life without love is just a bad dream

Sometimes you find with tears in your eyes

That the world’s too big and the world’s too wide


I don’t want to know; I don’t want to hear it

When you’re hanging off the edge of town

Where the bright lights flicker and you dance around the bars

So you boast about the bottle, how it can’t put you down

Any fool can drink; any fool can drown

Then you like to sing those old songs all the way home

Where the lights are off and she’s still gone


Elvis, Townes and Hank (Wilkinson)

You could’ve stayed in Jackson, learned to hear your heart

But Memphis came a calling and you tore the world apart

The world it tried to own you, you couldn’t toe the line

You should’ve stayed in Jackson,

You should’ve took your time

Is being good too easy from the outside, looking in?

Is being weak really easy on your soul?

Is staying strong much more than strength and self-control for Cowboy Singers: Rock’n’Roll

You could’ve stayed in Houston, tried to take control

Took some time to build your strength

Let your poetry unfold

The people they were spellbound

You didn’t reach your prime

You should’ve stayed in Houston

You could’ve worked your rhyme


Should’ve stayed in Shreveport,

Rode the Hayride all the way

And in your tragic purple sky your fallin’ star would stay

The snake oil show kept rolling, down that lost highway

Should’ve stayed in Shreveport,

Rode the Hayride all the way.



One Day Behind (Fitzpatrick)

Sitting in Jack’s drinkin’ cheap wine

Hopin’ to find that love of mine

Hit Madam’s Organ a mighty fine bar

Sat drinkin’ beer out of mason jars

Someone said you were there just yesterday

So I jumped on the Amtrak the very next day

Passed a little place called the Green Frog café

Passed all the dog wood flowers in bloom

Got into town couldn’t find your room

Turned out you’d left just yesterday

Seems like I’m just one day behind you

And I aint gonna hear your pretty voice

Aint gonna hear them mandolins ring

Aint gonna hear them banjos sing

There aint gonna be no bluegrass here today

Turnround x1

So I drove up to Staunton in the car

Found a little place called Marino’s bar

You were there and what a sight

You played all night underneath the lights

But in the morning when I woke you’d slipped away


Got into Floyd, things were looking bright

Thought I saw you by the traffic light

Then you were gone, you had to fly

All I saw was a Blue Ridge mountain sky

Repeat verse 1


Nobody’s Fool (Conway/Smith

I admit it; you got me this time, hook sinker and line

So desperate was I, I took it and I swallowed it whole

Now my mind’s been blowing around on the breeze

Dancing high in the trees, went wherever it pleased

I can’t say the same about me

I said I’m nobody’s fool

Turns out I’m nobody’s friend

I don’t know who’s making the rules

But it’s something I won’t defend

So I’m here on my own hoping to tame

The anger that’s boiling the blood in my veins

And bring back some peace to my heart

When you lose faith that you have in someone

You feel hollow inside, stripped of your pride

You feel like it’s falling apart

I know there’s no one to blame, so why am I trying so hard?

Each side of the coin is the same,

Don’t matter what you call out

You told me with pride we were in it together

No matter the weather, for worse or for better

Now you say everything’s changed

I believe in this life you should take what you get

But it’s a safe bet, some people I’ve met

Get more than they ever deserve

So I just sail along and I bite my tongue

The damage is done, Can’t say it’s been fun

But I’ve done it and I’d do it again

I know I’m making no sense, but what does it matter at all?

I stood up and climbed off the fence

I jumped before they made me fall

I walked before they made me crawl